First connection between IOTOPE node and server

First message from IOTOPE server

It’s alive, the first tag event has been send from IOTOPE:node to the server in our lab. Although it’s still quite brain-dead it’s always nice to see it’s first movements.

We’re hard at work to define a clean REST interface, so IOTOPE:node can talk too IOTOPE:server, but also make it possible for other systems to integrate with us.

Also expect a small patch on IOTOPE:node with a few bug fixes in the coming days.


First IOTOPE:node Dry Fish release

The first IOTOPE:node release is upon us. If you got the right equipment  (an ACR122 like NFC reader) give it a spin.

Only the Windows batch file is tested, so anyone that likes to contribute the Mac/UX script?

Also make sure to read the README for hints!