IOTOPE:Node is an NFC terminal software package that can be configured to do all kind of stuff. In this first stage it’s more like a package to let developers explore the possibilities of NFC on a stand alone PC or Mac.

Although IOTOPE:node works now standalone it’s not designed to stay that way. It will be a node within the IOTOPE ecosystem and will talk to the server.

Read the Quick Starter to get a feel what IOTOPE:Node is about.

Have an idea, why not start a discusion on IOTOPE Google Group.


7 responses to “IO:Node”

  1. Guus says :

    I want to thank you guys for doing this, it’s already a great alternative to the former touchatag client. It’s really easy to use.

    I’m looking forward to the new server functionality, If it’s as good produced as the Node i will use it for sure.

    Greetings from
    Guus (Netherlands)

  2. bob says :

    thnx for starting this software.
    I just got my touchatag stuff and the weakness was the serverside. and now by stopping touchatag services it just proves my first fear. im glad i didnt sell a installation by the software so far.

    I was wondering do i have to buy a lot of tags to use the software in the future of is there a solution compatible by the tags?

    Thank you, Bob (also from the netherlands)

    • Alex Van Boxel says :

      The Touchatags will be compatible with IOTOPE. But we’ll add support for even more different types of tags. If the reader supports them, we will in the future. For now you can use Ultralight and Touchatags.

  3. bob says :

    Thnx for your replay Alex. If i gor questions about the software and how to use for example a Autohotkey (key events scripts) with it. Can i post them here?

  4. bob says :

    Multiple scanners.

    Hi there is it possible to use multiple scanners?
    At the moment i’ve got just one scanner. But before buy extra scanners i would like to know if i can use them at the same time within one iotope computer.
    I’ll start a post with the same question at the Google discussion page.
    thank you

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