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Don’t throw away your old Touchatag tags

Do you have tons of old Touchatag (or even tikitag) tags lying around? Are you worried that they are now useless now that the Touchatag community site is closed. Don’t despair though. You already can use them with the standalone IOTOPE:node.
But not only that, we have an agreement with the owners of the now closed community site that the URL that is burned on the tag now redirects to the IOTOPE:server. 

What does this mean? If you touch the old tags with an NFC enabled phone you will be redirected to the IOTOPE server. Once the server is fully operational you can do some nifty things. We will support the classic URL redirect and social business cards but an Android app is also in the works. The app in combination with the server opens up a lot of possibilities. We already have a few ideas, but if you have an idea, why leave your toughs on the Google groups.

But we will have to disappoint on the timeline though. All our resources are now going into our first deployment in the field. They will come free after November 19th though and the Android app for the event will be reused for IOTOPE community. So by the end of the year will should have something up and running.

So for now, keep you tags nearby and why not install IOTOPE:node and play with them on your computer.