IOTOPE for Android

Worried that it’s a bit quite on the IOTOPE front. We’ll don’t be. We hard at work evolving the platform. What’s more exciting is that we will have our first “in the field” roll-out of the technology in November. I can’t say a lot about this particular case yet, but I can tell you a bit about how it will impact the platform.

Two important building blocks are still missing for this particular use case:

  1. NXP Mifare Classic read/write support
  2. An Android application
  3. The server

As the server here is of minor importance we’re concentrating on the Android and Mifare Classic support. Both are developed in parallel. But the nice thing about the Android platform is that you can reuse our Java code we’ve written for IOTOPE:node. So all the Mifare Classic code we’re written for the Android app will also enhance IOTOPE:node.

Because the platform needs to mature, we’re also hardening the code by writing unit test for all the the components. By using the TDD (Test Driven Development) approach it makes it also a lot easier to develop the NFC interactions. You don’t need the actual hardware and NFC tag anymore to add or enhance a feature.

As you see, a lot of work, but we’re excited to see our first real deployment in a few months.


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