Welcome Touchatag users

It’s become public, the Touchatag service is closing September 30th, a sad day for the NFC landscape. But loyal Touchatag users probably had noticed that the service hasn’t evolved for over two years. That’s why I started IOTOPE in the first place, to start a new beginning.

An a few months ago we had our first 0.1 release. The is the desktop (serverless version) of IOTOPE. And, yes, you’ll notice the 0. version and it’s certainly not production ready. But it’s ready for the enthusiast to start and play with it. Too give valuable feedback and start building at a bright new NFC future for consumers.

Next week we’ll see a new release that will have a more stable polling thread and we’ll cleanup our repository at github so you can build the complete IOTOPE node distribution yourself.

So if you are a Touchatag user looking for a new home, why not join IOTOPE. Go over to our Google Group and be the first to start the discussion about what you would like to see. And make sure you follow us on twitter (@IOTOPE) and Google+.

Oh, BTW. One more nice thing: IOTOPE will be open source under the relex Apache License.


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